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During the 18th Century, a group of bold visionaries from Boston offered revolutionary ideas that changed the way people thought about freedom and human rights. Inspired by liberty, these politicians, writers, poets, lawyers, and even a silversmith, were united in pursuit of a common goal: a great new nation and a new way of life.

Today, Boston is a home to many of the world’s foremost educational and scientific research centers, and is a leader in finance and business. Boston remains a center of innovation and revolution in science and technology, leading to new processes, products, and opportunities.


At Boston Fusion, we believe the most interesting challenges come from making sense out of large amounts of data (numbers, text, images, video, etc.). By bringing together multiple interdisciplinary technologies to perform multi-source data fusion, we deliver revolutionary capabilities that help analysts and decision makers more thoroughly exploit the available data and make better, faster decisions with greater confidence.

Inspired by those who forged an independent nation, energized by our home in the world’s foremost scientific research center, and incentivized by employee-ownership, our engineers, scientists, mathematicians, MBAs, and systems architects are united in pursuit of a common goal: to maintain the security of our great nation and our way of life. 

Boston Fusion delivers revolutionary capabilities to our customers, changing the way they make critical decisions across a variety of domains:

Autonomous Control Situation Awareness Threat Assessment
Resilience for Air, Space, Ground, Maritime and Cyber Operations
Command and Control