Our Work

Our customers are drawn to Boston Fusion because of our commitment to high-quality research and results. Our multidisciplinary team offers a broad range of research and development capabilities across multiple technical fields and application domains.

Examples of our ongoing research include:

Anomaly Detection

Cyber Security

Intelligence and Knowledge Enhancement

Patterns and Behavior Analysis

Social Media

ANOMALY DETECTION – Revealing Threats by Identifying Unusual Behavior

Boston Fusion is collaborating on a program to develop a system that will efficiently represent and query massively large graphs, develop the associated semantic network, and automatically learn probability rules to enable detection of anomalies occurring within operational networks.

CYBER SECURITY – Ensuring Operational Relevance for Cyber Applications

Boston Fusion is leading the development of military scenarios for cyber resilient technology R&D and assessment. As part of this effort, Boston Fusion is leading the technology assessment, experimentation, and exercise insertion activities to support technology transition to operational use.


Boston Fusion is collaborating on a program to optimize the workflow process that turns “raw data” into finished, actionable knowledge. This system ingests data from multiple sources, creates indexing to form cross reference of entities across the data sets, and provides network visualization and manipulation tools. The tool enables users to build evolving intelligence assessments and navigate associated social networks for actionable intelligence, and for improved case data tracking support.

PATTERNS AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS – Understanding Normal and Illicit Behavior

Boston Fusion is developing technology to automatically learn patterns of activities and behaviors to characterize normal patterns of life and identify illicit patterns. We use these patterns to support situation awareness, predict future behavior, and detect threats.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Understanding How Information Spreads in Social Media

Boston Fusion is working with our collaborators to develop technology that will track information in social media, recognize interesting behaviors, and make suggestions to analysts. In a second program, we are analyzing the functional roles of individuals in organizations and how those individuals effectively distribute information.